Statesman Confirms Frank Leffingwell Untruthful

The Austin American Statesman is now reporting Frank Leffingwell was not truthful in a December 2017 press release when he attacked his opponent over “tax payer funded junkets”On Friday, we reported how Frank Leffingwell was yet again not truthful with the public about his own stance on Senate Bill 2.

On July 25, 2017, at a Round Rock City Council meeting, the council unanimously approved resolution R-2017-4650 to oppose certain bills in the special session, Senate Bill 2 in particular. Leffingwell not only voted in favor of opposing Senate Bill 2, something he attacks Gravell for, he SECONDED the motion to issue the resolution.

Now the Statesman confirms Leffigwell lied in his December 2017 press release. In that release, Leffingwell stated “He (Gravell) even bills the taxpayers for stays in fancy hotels in South Austin, in spite of the fact it’s against county policy.” Below is a quote from the Statesman.

Leffingwell said in December that Gravell had wasted taxpayer money by staying at a South Austin hotel for a conference….County records show that Gravell did not bill the county for his stay at the South Austin hotel.

Leffingwell also said Gravell testified against the state’s mission to move Texas Department of Public Safety officers to the border area at a legislative committee hearing in September 2016, saying he wanted to end it because of a “perceived loss of revenue” to his court.

We located these two news videos that detail exactly why Gravell testified in the manner he did, not as Leffingwell states with his “perceived loss of revenue” rhetoric.


And finally, in  Leffingwell’s December 2017 press release, he railed against Gravell for taking “tax payer funded junkets”. He stated a person who does this “does not qualify as any kind of conservative in my book”. This morning,  we were provided several documents showing Leffingwell has recently taken multiple tax payer funded trips to Washington DC to “advocate”; trips that cost Round Rock tax payers thousands of dollars. We will have more on this soon.


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