Sheriff Robert Chody Denounces Attacks from Frank Leffingwell

As reported previously, on December 13th, Frank Leffingwell issued a press release stating Bill Gravell was nothing more than a “youth pastor-turned-professional-politician and a showman”. In the same press release, Leffingwell also attacked Gravell’s supporters calling them “court house cronies” saying the “stakes are too high to let them succeed”.

The controversy is only deepening with several elected officials including Sheriff Robert Chody, Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick, and now others, taking to social media denouncing Leffingwell’s attacks and negative campaigning.

Yesterday, Sheriff Robert Chody again posted regarding the personal attacks against him and others waged by Frank Leffingwell. Many (including other elected officials) also responded to Chody’s post voicing their disapproval of Leffingwell’s constant negative campaign tactics.

This is the picture where I and many other elected officials were deemed “cronies!” Straight from the letter sent out to voters. BTW, this is for simply endorsing and supporting a qualified candidate. Again, I will not tell you who to support because that is your decision to make freely.

Silence is endorsing tactics such as this and I will not allow myself or other fellow elected officials whom the people voted for to be called names for merely showing our support for a candidate that has served WilCo honorably. I support Judge Bill Gravell

Frank Leffingwell

The Democrats are waiting to pounce this November and are watching closely, especially given the many recent losses of conservative seats to liberal Democrats in the Cedar Park and Round Rock city elections.Several have stated those in the Republican Party better get their act together and demand Leffingwell immediately end the attacks and negative campaigning.

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, it doesn’t appear Leffingwell is listening, and the Democrats are enjoying every second.


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One Response to Sheriff Robert Chody Denounces Attacks from Frank Leffingwell

  1. JOHN CONGDON says:

    As a member of the “Sun City Republican Club” for over 10 years, I know we are not supposed to publicly support a specific candidate over another during the primary election. In the case of Bill Gravell vs Frank Leffingwell the candidates for County Judge, the decision could not be any clearer to Support Bill Gravell. His opponent is taking his lessons from the National Democratic Party who always accuse others of the violations they are themselves guilty of.

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