Round Rock Falls: Bone Crushed

The special election in Round Rock for City Council was held today. Early voting results show the Democrat candidate Hilda Montgomery beating Republican Hollis Bone badly in a major landslide.

Final result: Dem win by 14.

In 2014, Judge Bill Gravell spoke at the Republican Party County Convention. In what many view as a prophetic statement about the future of the Republican Party in Williamson County, especially in Pct 1, Gravell said “Republicans in Williamson County, especially in Pct 1, must see the reality of what is happening and take action now or we will pay dearly later”.

Gravell went a step further by challenging everyone in the room to go out and work to register new Republican voters in their precincts. In fact, Gravell returned to Pct 3, and with the help of Sun City Republican leaders, they registered thousands of new Republican voters. Pct 1 did not heed his warning and is now suffering the consequences.

Let the finger pointing and blame game begin.


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