Rachael’s Rule Part II: More Broken Rules

The Austin America Statesman is reporting on our story from Wednesday regarding Georgetown City Councilmember Rachael Jonrowe improperly placing campaign signs on Southwestern University property.

“Jonrowe did not get the required approval to put her signs on campus Monday”, said Jason Chapman, the assistant director of student activities and residence life.

According to the Statesman, “Jonrowe said she didn’t know about the approval policy and when officials told her about it she removed her signs.”

A Georgetown resident took to facebook Wednesday stating: “4 ½ hours after violating Southwestern’s policy, her signs were removed. Approximately 2 hours later, she violated policy again by having her van with signs on, parked by the polling place.”

The Statesman went on to say “She also said she did not put her signs within 100 feet of the mobile voting location that was on the university campus Monday.”

Jonrowe has come under fire recently for possibly violating basic rules and regulations of obtaining permits and inspections for construction projects at her residence.

Jonrowe sidestepped the permitting controversy in an interview with the Statesman a few weeks ago. The Statesman article stated: “Jonrowe said she wouldn’t comment on the details of her personal home renovation projects and ‘allow them to be used as part of a political smear campaign’.”

According to records obtained from the City of Georgetown, no inspections occurred after December 29, 2014 on a swimming pool being built at Jonrowe’s residence and showing no electrical permit, electrical inspection or a final inspection of the pool was obtained or conducted. Jonrowe never admitted to the Statesman reporter if in fact she ever obtained the required permits and final inspection on the pool.

Jonrowe also refused to comment on failing to obtain permits regarding the renovation of her home when the work began in the fall of 2016. October 2016, Jonrowe stated to several people she was renovating her home. No permits for the renovations were located at that time. Then on March 8, 2017, the Wilco Sun published an interview stating Jonrowe was conducting “an extensive house re-model” on her home which appraised at $301,452.00 in 2016. Oddly, only two days prior to the story hitting print, an “Electrical Trade permit, Mechanical Trade permit, Plumbing Trade permit and a Residential Remodel, Alteration, Addition or Accessory permit was issued.

Many are calling for Ms. Jonrowe to “come clean” with full disclosure of why she did not obtain permits in 2016 when her home renovations began and if she did or did not obtain an electrical permit and final inspection of her pool. If not, why has she and her family been using the pool since 2015 without the required permits and inspections? Perhaps we may never know since Ms. Jonrowe feels her “personal business” has no bearing on her public position as an elected official.


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