Georgetown Councilmember Rachael Jonrowe: Conduct in Question Part One

Georgetown City Council Rachael Jonrowe

Rachael Jonrowe

Georgetown City Council member Rachel Jonrowe has once again found herself in the middle of yet another controversy. Last week, the issue of Jonrowe refusing to say “Under God” during the pledge of allegiance, while on the dais, erupted. This week, it appears Jonrowe may not have followed the basic rules and regulations of obtaining permits and inspections for construction projects at her residence.

The City of Georgetown website spells out the permitting process in great detail when it comes to residential and commercial projects. Below is an excerpt.

Q: When is a permit required?

Any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system requires a permit.

A permit is required for: (For full list visit the city of Georgetown permit page here.) 

Demolitions, Additions, Remodel, Renovations, Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Process

  1. Submit application along with required documentation as listed above online at
  2. Pay fee of $65.00 once application is accepted and you receive notification
  3. Allow ten business days for review
  4. Permit is approved
  5. Electrician requests electrical permit under main permit#/Plumber requests plumbing permit under main permit#
  6. Layout Inspection
  7. Pool Steel and Plumbing Rough
  8. Deck Bond and Deck Steel
  9. Swimming Pool Final

According to records obtained from the City of Georgetown, in December 2014, Jonrowe applied for a permit to construct a pool at her residence. According to inspection reports, it appears the layout was approved on December 11, 2014. An inspection for the pool steel/plumbing rough and pool bonding was scheduled on December 23, 2014 but was cancelled. On December 29th, the pool steel and pool bonding inspection sequence was conducted. The pool steel/plumbing rough portion passed but the pool bonding inspection failed.

Comments by the inspector under the pool bonding portion that failed inspection states: “Pool bond is good, but need electrical permit”. The information provided by the City only indicated records and inspection history on the pool occurred up to the 12/29/14 inspection and nothing after that date. If in fact no further inspections occurred, that would indicate no electrical permit, electrical inspection or a final inspection of the pool was conducted.

Fast forward to October 2016, Jonrowe stated to several people she was renovating her home. No permits for the renovations were located at that time. Then on March 8, 2017, the Wilco Sun published an interview stating Jonrowe was conducting “an extensive house re-model” on her home which appraised at $301,452.00 in 2016. Oddly, only two days prior to the story hitting print, an “Electrical Trade permit, Mechanical Trade permit, Plumbing Trade permit and a Residential Remodel, Alteration, Addition or Accessory permit was issued.

According to documents from the City of Georgetown, no final inspection report on the remodel appears to have been issued.

At a forum held last weekend, Jonrowe was critical of the permitting process. Jonrowe stated: “In a lot of ways, this process seems to goes a lot smoother for the big companies that come in to Georgetown than it does for individual homeowners.”

One resident stated: “I have to follow the rules, why doesn’t she? Claiming ignorance won’t cut it either. After all, she is a city council member and should know the permitting process better than any one else. Why has she been remolding her house since last year but never applied for or received any permits until a few weeks ago? Odd coming from someone who supports more guidelines and HARC regulations. She needs to explain herself.”

We will update you on this major issue as we receive more information.


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9 Responses to Georgetown Councilmember Rachael Jonrowe: Conduct in Question Part One

  1. Gtown says:

    Coming from a woman who thinks using the drug ecstasy to treat PTSD is “fascinating”, it makes sense.

    • ScienceIsReal says:

      Actually, there is some body of data supporting the use of ecstasy to treat PTSD.

      • Bigfoot says:

        There is also a “body of data” that indicates Big Foot is real too. While you are deflecting, can you ask Rachael exactly what “small business” it is she owns? She said she is a small business owner but I can’t find any small business she owns. Sure hope it’s not anything to do with “Permit Assistance”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the same “all inclusive” whiner that blocked me from commenting on her page because I asked if she said “under god” during the pledge. Then proceeded to let her “all inclusive” following, and the now infamous head Smurf Dr. Ain’t Ever Gonna Be Mayor Khan name call,belittle, and berate someone that doesn’t “think”like they do. This all inclusive group of wannabe community leaders reminds me of a cult that only allow people who are brainwashed into thier circle of lies club. Ectasy? Not following permit procedures that a 3rd Grader could follow? Does this bunch truly believe they are “all inclusive” ?

    • Soulhat says:

      Kahn thinks this song was written after him. Are bone crackers even real doctors?

      Well I’m the mighty Bonecrusher and I live way out west
      I’m a gambling’ man by nature but bonecrushin’s what I do best,
      Yea well I’m the mighty Bonecrusher and I’ll crush your bones for a buck
      I got a Ph.D. in knife fighting and saying f***.

  3. Anne Marshall says:

    Where in the world do these elected officials come from? Under some Texas rock in the panhandle? First, Williamson County got stuck with Jana Duty and it cost them a bundle, and now you have Rachel Jonrow who thinks she is “special” and doesn’t have to follow the basic rules of getting a permit to have work done on her property! Who vets these people before they run for office? Why doesn’t Jonrow resign and go swimming hi her new pool and replace her with someone who is competent? This is absolutely Nuts!!!~ How about the impeachment process for a city council member who is incompetent in their job?

  4. ThatsMyOpinion says:

    Seems to me that if Jonrow is so scatter-brained and disorganized and careless and non-attentive to detail that she’d be bad (and possibly even dangerous) for Georgetown City Council. Even if she’s not all those things, maybe she just thought she was above the rules of inspections.

    Coupled with that is her awful refusal to recite the Pledge of Allegiance as written! We do not need an anti-American sitting on our City Council.

    (Help get out the vote!)

  5. Txveritas says:

    At what point do public representatives, elected or or otherwise…. forget the rules DO still apply to them, regardless of what your buddy Bob says. I would be horrible because common sense rules the day in my world. That means if a public policy is dumb; call it dumb. Then as a representative, state why it’s dumb AND offer a solution. If public officials can’t or won’t see it? Do your dilegence as a voting member of the public to vote out those who forgot whom they represent.

  6. Javier says:

    It’s so easy to document everything nowadays that I can’t believe our local officials are either that arrogant or that lazy to not follow any of rules they make. Might even be both. But it’s clear they believe they are better than us. When in reality, they are the worst of us.

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