A New Day Dawns at the Wilco Report

Today begins a new day at the Wilco Report. While we greatly appreciate our former commentators hard work and great reporting, no worries, because you can count on this salty retiree for one thing; facts and nothing but the facts. Granted it may not be what you like or want to hear because often times the truth hurts.

And for the record, it doesn’t matter if you are a Republican who violates a mans civil rights that ends up costing the taxpayers a million bux to defend your illegal actions or a Democrat who skirts the law for personal gain, count on being featured. So cinch up, election season is right around the corner and we already have a few signed up that should give us lots to write about. From land brokers on the east side to liberal activists up north and a lot of other candidates in between, you can guarantee the next 6 months won’t be dull.

And last but not least, to all of you snowflakes out there who are easily offended, there’s a little X at the top right of your screen. Feel free to give it a click. For everyone else, enjoy the ride!


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