Michael Smith: “Benedict Arnold” of the Wilco Republican Party?

We have been reporting on the controversy surrounding disgraced former Hutto City Councilman Michael Smith. City council candidate Kris Andrews has publicly stated Smith is “advising” his campaign. Kris Andrews has also publicly stated his affection for communism, socialism and other “progressive” philosophies.

Given Mr. Andrews public statements regarding his political views, it appears Smith has abandoned the Republican party’s philosophies although he still serves as the treasurer for the Williamson County Young Republican’s club.  The club’s constitution states:

“The purpose of the Club shall be to support the principles and objectives of the Republican Party; to work for the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates; to develop Republican Party leaders both within the Party structure and as candidates for public office; and to educate, activate, and empower Young Republicans throughout central Texas.”

In a very odd, somewhat delusional facebook post on election night, Smith’s wife, Kristin, who also serves as the President of the Williamson County Young Republicans stated:

Contrary to Ms. Smith’s excuse for her husbands 52 point loss, Smith, himself, stated in a letter to the City dated March 6, 2017  (with no mention of his wife) “my presence on the council  has become a distraction”. Therefore….I’ve decided it is in the best interest of the City that I vacate my position.” Smith went on to state: “I wish the City Council, staff and citizens nothing but success, and sincerely apologize for any discredit I may have inadvertently brought upon them.”

Michael Smith was forced to resign his position for violating the Hutto City, owing back taxes to the City from 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2015, the State of Texas shut down several group homes operated by Smith for “serious and pervasive noncompliance”. According to an in-depth investigative report by KXAN, Smith’s wife was also found to have falsified personnel information for Smith’s business.

Even though Mr. Andrews has publicly stated Smith is advising his campaign, some wanted “more” proof of Smith’s connection to Andrews. It appears folks will have to take the word of Mr. Andrews and also the fact Smith and his wife have a Kris Andrews campaign sign in the front yard of their home. (posted below)

One Republican party member who witnessed the sign in Smith’s yard yesterday evening stated: “This guy is a traitor to the Republican Party. He is our own Benedict Arnold. There is NO excuse that can justify this behavior. Now I ask, why has not one Republican “leader” taken action against this guy? This is unconscionable. No wonder we are losing ground in this county.” 

As stated prior, for Mr. Andrews, it is his personal right to subscribe to whatever political beliefs he wishes and for the voters of Hutto to decide if they agree with him on June 10. For the Republican Party in Williamson County, it’s decision time.

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