Layin Down The Law in Hutto

KXAN is reporting an outside criminal investigation has been requested by the Hutto City Attorney regarding former employees and “others” who may have abused their access to official information and unlawfully disclosed that information.

HUTTO, Texas (KXAN) — Hutto’s city attorney is requesting an outside investigation into whether or not city employees misused official information.

The city released a press release stating it has identified a series of incidents where employees and others might have disclosed or used information that they obtained by means of their employment for non-governmental purposes. Texas law prohibits public servants from releasing information that would not have otherwise been public.

The city says its investigation revealed some former city employees and potentially others abused their access to official information. “In particular, these employees appear to have taken information they had access to only because of their positions as employees of the city of Hutto and disclosed that information for some form of personal gain,” said the city in the release.

Hutto has been draining the swamp recently with the forced resignation of disgraced former City Councilman Michael J. Smith and “resignations” of former Council member Bettina Jordan, Ex-Police Chief Earl Morrison and former City Manager Karen Daly.

Misuse of Official information is a felony. Looks like some “former City employees” and “others” associated with them may soon be headed to the “Wilco Hilton”.


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