Jana Duty Endorses Frank Leffingwell

We will have more soon on the 383k taxpayer funded “free home” that has erupted in to a firestorm. Looks like it is now closer to 500k, if not more.


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7 Responses to Jana Duty Endorses Frank Leffingwell

  1. Jason Wirth says:

    No comment needed. The list of shady ex elected officials keeps getting longer and longer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see and endorsement of Jimmy Hoffa here in the next day or so for Frank.

  2. Abigail A says:

    Jana Duty, Oh my!

    What other outstanding citizens are on your list of supporters???

  3. Jimmy Hoffa says:

    I’m voting for Frank!

  4. Bob H says:

    Endorsement from Duty. WOW. Bet she was on something when she did this.
    Leffingwell cannot be a Republican with the dirty campaign he is running. That is Democrat all the way.
    We already have one too many Democrats in Williamson County.

  5. Larry M says:

    This amazes me. This should be the kiss of death for Leffingwell’s campaign. If he knew this was coming, I would have thought he’d get out of ahead of it and try to keep it quiet. If he approves of Duty’ endorsement and considers it a plus for him, then it absolutely confirms in my mind that he is the last person in the county who we would want for County Judge (except for Crooked Jana Duty herself). Is he counting on a whole lot of Round Rock Democrats crossing over and voting for him in the Primary? It’s crazy!

  6. TILLIE POPE says:

    LAFFINGWELL, sent out a letter, filled with hate and poison, he bad mouthed all of the elected officials of our county.. no I would not vote for such a man, who thinks that if anyone has been accused.. than they should have no right to be employed, and if you do employ such a person that make you a rotten no good citizen.. which means and you should get a background check on the plumber, the Gardner, If ever they have been accused of anything, than they have no right to be employed..is what his long poisoned pen article said.

  7. Jim Schwertner says:

    Does anyone have Jana’s mailing address. We need to send her a thank you card.

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