From Gay to Gloom: Liberal Hutto City Council Candidate Attacks Voters

It appears Gay McMillan, the far left liberal Democrat candidate for Hutto City Council has decided to adopt personal attacks along with charges of racism and sexism as her campaign platform in her run for Hutto City Council.

Her post reads:

Why would you vote for an old white Republican man when the council is stuffed with those men already? Only one woman serves on the Hutto City Council currently. TIME FOR THE BLUE WAVE TO HIT HUTTO! TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!! #hutto

In the past few hours, a Hutto neighborhood facebook page exploded with Hutto residents denouncing her post and also on McMillan’s own campaign facebook page in what one person described as “eating her alive”. One thing for certain, this is not the response McMillan hoped for.

Then there was this post on McMillan’s page posted last Wednesday:

And then this:

Last week McMillan posted she was endorsed by the Wilco Dem Party but the Wilco Dem Party denies this today after being alerted of McMillan’s latest post. Should be interesting to see how the Wilco Democrat Party handles this debacle.

The “endorsement post” pictured above was just deleted from McMillan’s page.

Early voting begins in just two weeks and election day is May 5.

*Correction* 6:12pm – The Endorsement Post is still on McMillan’s campaign facebook page (even though the Wilco Democrat Party denies the endorsement). We apologize for the error.


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