Gay Bashing Continues: Men Don’t Have A Say

As reported on April 8th, Gay McMillan, the far left liberal Democrat candidate for Hutto City Council is running a campaign filled with discrimination, sexism, personal attacks and racism in her run for Hutto City Council.

McMillan posted the below on April 8th and was immediately decimated on social media by scores of Hutto citizens with hundreds and hundreds of posts in opposition on the popular Hutto Next Door 2.0 facebook page and her own campaign page. (The post has now been deleted from her campaign page)

Just when you think it’s time to put down the shovel, Gay McMillan has decided to use a backhoe. McMillan thought it would be a good idea and take on the hundreds of citizens who she attacked by commenting this:

A Hutto citizen then commented this on her campaign page.

McMillan then went all in and on her discriminatory sexist attacks by commenting this.

Then this happened.

But just when you think it can’t get any worse, this happened. FormerĀ  Young Republican Association treasurer and disgraced city councilman Micheal Smith decided he’d throw a “like” behind McMillan. Not a real surprise given he not only endorsed and supported a self avowed communist last election, he now seems to approve of his next chosen candidate, a far left liberal Democrat.

Hopefully this is just an oversight on the part of the Williamson County Democrat Party and they were unaware of the sexist, racist and discriminatory candidate they endorsed. If they are aware and stand behind this ideology, shame on them for condoning and promoting this behavior. If they do not approve of this, they should immediately withdraw their support and denounce her actions with a written statement. (If you doubt the blowback to the Wilco Dem Party’s endorsement decision, read the 2.0 thread)

Should be a very interesting candidate forum in Hutto next week.


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One Response to Gay Bashing Continues: Men Don’t Have A Say

  1. Javier says:

    When is the blue wave of intolerance going to shut the Overton Window? When are liberals going to realize anti-male is actually more sexist than what they attribute to conservative attitudes? Anti-White Male is both racist and sexist. Being an Anti-White Male American candidate is racist, sexist and xenophobic… exactly what the blue wave describes as alt-right. Exactly what the blue wave calls fascist. So, when is the Democrat Party of Williamson County going to sanction and condemn racism, sexism and xenophobia from its own candidates?

    If you are going to be the party of inclusion, then grow up and be inclusive, otherwise you are exactly what you believe you are condemning.

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