Frank Leffingwell: The Final Slap

Apparently, if you don’t live in Round Rock, your voice and vote isn’t important as the rest of the county. We saw a disparaging remark from Leffingwell two days ago saying that they can’t let the “retirees in Sun City make the MOST IMPORTANT FINANCIAL DECISIONS IN OUR COUNTY!” And now his campaign manager seems not too concerned with Pct. 3 voters either.

One thing for certain, once this campaign is over, the only ones who will suffer from the gutter style politics of Leffingwell and his surrogates will be the Republican Party itself. The Democrats are sitting back watching the son of a liberal Democrat Travis County Mayor personally wreak havoc within the Republican Party and are loving every minute of it.

Election Day is Tuesday.


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2 Responses to Frank Leffingwell: The Final Slap

  1. Pct. 3 Voter says:

    I guess we will just see about that.

  2. Real Republican says:

    It’s the liberal way. Pitting one against the other.

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