#FakeNewsFrank: Sheriff Chody’s Disgust #Cronies

Last week, the District Attorney and County Attorney both took to social media denouncing a press release from Frank Leffingwell. In the press release, Leffingwell personally attacked the County Attorney, District Attorney, Sheriff and anyone else who supports Judge Bill Gravell. Today, Sheriff Robert Chody weighed in on the matter.

“I assure you if a candidate I supported called fellow current elected officials names that I would publicly denounce the name-calling. Considering I was one of those called a name by a candidate running for county Judge (and it wasn’t Bill Gravell) I find it concerning that many are standing on the sidelines being silent on the matter. Silence is the same as endorsing this type of political rhetoric. So if you are a public office holder supporting this candidate or person supporting consider denouncing the name calling. Support who you will. #ThisSheriffIsNoCronie”

Leffingwell also personally attacked Gravell in his press release stating Gravell was nothing more than a “youth pastor-turned-professional-politician and a showman”. In the same press release, Leffingwell also attacked Gravell’s supporters calling them “court house cronies”. Since then, many have used the hashtag #Cronies to express their support of Gravell. One local company created a tumbler with Gravell’s logo on one side and the hashtag “#Cronies” on the other. They also posted a video in support of Gravell. (below)

Now, former commissioner Lisa Birkman is launching her own attacks against Gravell. First she conducted a stealth open records request on Gravell, and oddly enough, received the same information Leffingwell cited in his attack press release a few weeks later. This has left many to ask if the information Leffingwell cited was provided directly by Birkman: information that has since been proven to be false and misleading.

If that wasn’t enough, according to sources, Birkman has submitted yet another open records request against Gravell. Many are calling her “opposition research” nothing more than a “political fishing expedition” that will do nothing more than cost taxpayers even more money to fulfill.

Strangely enough, Birkman sent an email this morning urging everyone to follow the “Reagan 11th commandment” and not attack other Republicans. But just an hour later, Birkman sent out an email attacking Gravell. Even more hypocritical, Birkman wrote an op-ed piece for the Wilco Sun a few months ago denouncing “bullies” in politics and “negative campaigns”, the same behavior she now practices.

Given Birkman’s outward support of Leffingwell and her attacks again Gravell, many are now very concerned she is using her position as Vice President in the Georgetown Area Republican Women’s group to manipulate an upcoming debate of candidates. Several have expressed their concern of her involvement in coordinating these debates and have stated if she has the debate questions prior, it’s not very difficult to see the writing on the wall.

In all, it’s clear based on the below screen shots; the Sheriff, District Attorney, County Attorney and many others are outraged.

One person commented on Chody’s post saying, “The wife of said candidate attacked me a few weeks ago for being a Gravell supporter…”

Another stated, “She told me this wouldnt be Leffingwells full time job. Im not sure what he is running for.”

Another stated, “I was really hoping this would be let’s run on the issues election, well that certainly did not happen. Mr. Leffingwell this is not a part time job, so you might be in the wrong race.”

And finally, one commented, “There’s a good reason why some people resort to name-calling or mud-slinging instead of focusing on the issues.”

Leffingwell has doubled down on his attacks, now personally running paid ads on facebook attacking Gravell. And oddly, in his ads, Leffingwell states he is “not a politician, but a problem solver”. In the words of one “court house crony”, “Leffingwell is an elected politician from Round Rock. He is trying to paint himself as a ‘businessman” and not a politician to hide from his liberal record AS a politician. And if his idea of ‘solving problems’ is to raise taxes every single year and attack anyone and everyone who has a differing opinion than he does, heaven help us. His attacks are an embarrassment to the Republican Party.” When asked about Lisa Birkman’s involvement, this person stated: “No comment. I refuse to make the irrelevant relevant.”

It looks like we are in for a long 60 days of Leffingwell and his surrogates stooping to gutter based politics filled with wild accusations and blatantly false and vicious attacks. Mr. Leffingwell doesn’t think the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct – State Bar of Texas rules apply to him. According to sources, he may soon find out differently.


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5 Responses to #FakeNewsFrank: Sheriff Chody’s Disgust #Cronies

  1. LoL says:

    Lisa Birkman lol She still thinks she’s a player?
    #FakeNewsFrank and #LyinLisa. What a pair.

  2. Lkp says:

    Leffingwell is part of a budding political dynasty, according to his liberal dad, Lee.
    From the Statesman, 2015:

    Leffingwell celebrated with friends and family the evening of the election. Four standing Round Rock City Council members, including Mayor Alan McGraw, also were in attendance, as was Leffingwell’s father, who only days before had stepped down after 10 years on the Austin City Council.

    “Well, it was interesting because usually it’s the other way: I’m congratulating him,” said the younger Leffingwell. “But I enjoyed it. It’s always great celebrating things with him. And it was especially meaningful because he’s been such an inspiration.”

    The elder politician smiled at the win and said he feels his son will do a great job in office.

    “Obviously, I’m very proud of him. It’s a big coincidence that I left office just a couple of weeks ago. He’s in essence taking over.”

  3. Berry Creek Resident says:

    Dear Bethany Leffingwell. I have a Bill Gravell sign in front of my house for a reason. You coming to my door trying to belittle my chosen candidate, KNOWING I support him because I HAVE HIS SIGN IN MY YARD really sealed the deal. I will be telling ALL of my neighbors. You have some real gall lady. #ProudCrony

  4. Dr. Truth says:

    She comes to my house she’s going to be in for a rude awakening. Straight out of the liberal handbook. He learned well from his liberal socialist daddy Lee.

    Bethany, I know why you and Frank are no longer on the Seton Board of Directors. And I am about to spill the beans. 😉

    Does anyone know how much work Frank’s firm has made of the city of Round Rock?

  5. Chris Whewell says:

    It is dismaying to see some folk running for office, and resorting to the childish sport of “name calling”. My observation is this has increased and is abetted by social medias and hand-held devices, which many appear to have an addiction to. Moreover, we see this same name-calling proliferating in national politics as well, that perhaps what we see on the local level now is properly termed “trickle-down dramatics”. I implore all to vote their conscience, and to consider rejecting any candidate who, like a 3rd grader, calls their opponents names. Our children deserve better than to have such immaturity displayed by those holding elected positions. The name-caller(s) should automatically lose, because such behavior demonstrates an apparent lack of ability to remain focused on the issues presented in the political realm.

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