Election Day Results: Shock Excuses and Delusion

Local elections this past weekend sent shock waves throughout the Republican Party. However, voters rejected liberal spending, shooting down local bonds that would have tacked on hundreds of millions more in debt.

A closer look at the races show Pct. 1 is in big trouble. Not a big surprise given the results of last November where every Republican candidate on the ballot landed under 50% in that precinct. In Cedar Park, two Republican incumbents fell, losing in a landslide. In Round Rock, one Republican fell while two others barely squeaked out a win. In Georgetown, all Democrats fell handily minus the now liberal district 6. In Hutto, things went as expected with Tim Jordan beating former disgraced councilman Mike Smith in a massive landslide. Place 1 candidate Scott Rose who garnered almost 45% in a three-way race landed in a runoff against Dana Wilcott.

Excuses by disgraced former Hutto councilman Michael Smith’s camp for his massive loss were borderline delusional. Smith lost to Tim Jordan by a whopping 52 points. In 2015, the State of Texas shut down several group homes operated by Smith for “serious and pervasive noncompliance”. Smith also owed back taxes from 2014, 2015 and 2016 and was forced to resign his council position in March for violating the City Charter. According to an in-depth investigative report by KXAN, Smith’s wife (who is President of the Wilco Young Republican’s) was found to have falsified personnel information for Smith’s business. Here is her odd take on the loss.

While a few party insiders continue to play Monday morning quarterback, making excuses instead of providing solutions, some saw this coming. Last week, Sun City Club VP Cathy Cody issued a stern warning….The Democrats aren’t coming, they are here, and if something isn’t done and done quickly, Williamson County will continue its slide blue.

In 2014, Judge Bill Gravell spoke at the Republican Party County Convention. In what many view as a prophetic statement about the future of the Republican Party in Williamson County, especially in Pct 1, Gravell said “Republicans in Williamson County, especially in Pct 1, must see the reality of what is happening and take action now or we will pay dearly later”.

Judge Gravell went a step further by challenging everyone in the room to go out and work to register new Republican voters in their precincts. In fact, Judge Gravell returned to Pct 3, and with the help of Sun City Republican leaders, they registered thousands of new Republican voters. Pct 1 did not heed his warning and are now suffering the consequences.

The Republican Party better face the harsh reality of what is happening and make the necessary changes that are badly needed to get the Republican train back on its tracks, especially in Pct. 1 (and now Pct. 2). It will take strong leadership from those like Cathy Cody to see that happens. If they do not, trending blue may soon be the “new normal” in Williamson County. This isn’t a candidate problem, this is a party problem.



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3 Responses to Election Day Results: Shock Excuses and Delusion

  1. Gwen Hodges says:

    Unfortunately, some of our Republican Leaders took their eyes off of Willamson County and spent too much of their energy on the national politics! I feel like our priorities should always be keeping our county and state Red! Our organizations leaders need to get focused again!

  2. Anne Marshall says:

    It is time for those complacent Republicans to heed the words of Cathy Cody and Judge Bill Gravell. We are in the fight for our future here in Texas, and if we don’t get out and work for our Republican Party, we can easily go the way of those poor folks in California who are sitting around shaking their heads wondering what happened! PLEASE, PLEASE WAKE UP!

  3. killermike2178 says:

    Lol at these comments! The problem isn’t that the party leaders took their eyes off the ball, it’s that the voters are waking the hell up, and realizing that the Williamson County GOP doesn’t have their best interests at heart! Lyle Grimes and Jon Lux outraised their Democratic challengers by nearly 2 to 1, had conservative heavyweights, such as State Representative Tony Dale, Cedar Park Mayor Matt Powell, Leander Mayor Chris Fielder, Williamson County Commissioner Cynthia Long, and Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody, stump on their behalf on social media, and they still got spanked by liberal outsiders because the voters are tired of the same old same old revolving door politics of the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce running the show behind the seams. Anne Duffy and Heather Jefts basically showed that conventional wisdoms need not apply for these May elections:

    “If you don’t outraise your opponent in funding, you’re going to lose.”
    “If you don’t receive both the Police Association and Firefighter’s Association’s endorsements, you’re going to lose.”
    “If you’re not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you’re going to lose.”
    And most importantly of all:
    “If you’re not a Republican in Williamson County, you’re going to lose.”

    As for all the “love” that Rachael Jonrowe gets on this page, I’m surprised that the Wilco GOP didn’t even have a candidate run against her this time around, despite the fact that she only won her first election by 9 votes. Y’all really should have dumped more money and a serious GOP-backed candidate in that race. And if y’all say “But Lawrence F. Romero ran against her! That counts, right?”, BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow, okay, if you say so! I guess another reason why you’re starting to lose ground here is because you’re not even seriously vetting your candidates anymore, hence why the uber-religious wing of your party can’t get behind them and actually vote for them.

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