Did Disgraced Former DA Jana Duty Convict An Innocent Man?

Jana Duty

In a stunning revelation that could overturn the child sex assault conviction of a former high school football star, Williamson County authorities have reopened the investigation of the sexual assault of a 4-year-old boy and say they have identified a new suspect, the American-Statesman and KVUE-TV have learned.

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One Response to Did Disgraced Former DA Jana Duty Convict An Innocent Man?

  1. Michael Siever says:

    Let’s see, she had a primary election just around the corner, and the Greg Kelley story was getting a lot of media attention, so naturally, she had this perceived need to appear tough on crime around election time, so proving his innocence just wasn’t in her best interest, although one would think she would have learned from the Michael Morton fiasco, and avoided it. Hopefully Shawn Dick has learned from Ken Anderson and Jana Duty’s failures to know that you actually have to take the case to trial before deciding to convict.

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