Controversy Erupts Over Georgetown City Councilmember’s Refusal To Answer Question

   Place 6 Councilmember Rachel Jonrowe                                  Mayoral Candidate Sherwin Khan

It appears a simple question posed to Place 6 Georgetown City Councilmember Rachael Jonrowe has evolved into quite the facebook debate. Jonrowe was asked: “Can you please confirm if you do or do not say “under God” during the pledge of allegiance? Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.”

Several of Jonrowes supporters (who claim to be inclusive) immediately jumped on the poster calling him a “troll”, ignorant and other names saying Jonrowe’s personal views were none of his business. Jonrowe, a well known far left liberal Democrat, responded: “It’s not easy to answer, for public officials dedicated to making sure all constituents feel welcomed and listened to, no matter their faith, or lack thereof, whether they be Christian or Muslim or Jewish or None of the Above. And so, I do not answer public questions about my personal faith practices. In my opinion, those are discussions best held with family and dear friends.”

The poster replied “your facebook page states ‘Rachael believes that our government is only as good as the people who are elected. She wants to encourage more people to: be aware of who their representatives are, get involved, and encourage accountability & transparency. Through the use of social networking tools and letting constituents know of her availability, she hopes to elicit feedback from a wide variety of citizens in District 6’, so I am asking is a simple question”. 

The back and forth went on for several hours. At one point, Mayoral candidate Sherwin Khan jumped in the fray. “Sherwin Kahn: You sir are nothing but a troll. Your question is inapproriate [sic] and your associations on Facebook make it clear you are nothing but an impostor and a bully. You should be reported.” The poster replied, “Reported? For what, asking a simple question of an elected official?”

Khan then posted on his page: “Trolled again this morning. This time by the troll that was harassing Rachael Jonrowe yesterday.” Perhaps Mr. Khan should understand asking a simple question of an elected official isn’t “trolling” or “harassing”. It’s a voters right.

We were sent this picture from Khan’s page. The person who sent it stated “This guy calls people “trolls” but posts things like this from a page called ‘liberal trolls’? Hypocrite much?”

The debate finally ended when the original poster stated “I am afraid that this page falls in line with the Public Information Act since it’s political and since she is an elected official. Privacy is a slippery slope…ask her maybe she can clarify that for you. I had a simple question about a public elected official. I have my “answer” with a “non-answer” by the candidate.”

If Ms. Jonrowe wishes to not say “under God” while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during council meetings, that is her prerogative and the electorate will decide if that issue is important to them on election day. However, it is also the right of any constituent to ask questions of their elected officials who represent them without being attacked, being called “trolls” and harassed.


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One Response to Controversy Erupts Over Georgetown City Councilmember’s Refusal To Answer Question

  1. Javier says:

    It’s obvious she wants it both ways. Be her liberal self but not admit it publicly so as to not offend any voter that might know she’s a liberal.

    And she knows she is wrong or she’d claim it. Kinda like taqiyya.

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