Conservative vs. Communist: Early Voting Begins in Hutto

Early voting has begun in the special election for Hutto City Council featuring a fiscal conservative, Terri Grimm, vs. Kris Andrews, a candidate who has publicly stated his pro communism, socialism and other “progressive” philosophies.

Andrews stated an active member of the Wilco Republican Party, disgraced former Hutto City Councilman Michael Smith, “has advised me on my campaign and will continue to do so”. Smith also serves as the Treasurer for the Williamson County Young Republicans club.

Smith has not denied “advising” Mr. Andrews campaign nor has Mr. Andrews retracted that claim.

Mr. Andrews quotes have been highlighted on Hutto social media neighborhood pages. Below is a “Top Ten” list one Hutto resident Terje Revenew compiled and posted on facebook. These quotes were sourced and verified to be on a personal blog belonging to Mr. Andrews.

Early voting continues through next Tuesday and Election Day is June 10.


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