Business Leader To Hold Press Conference Demanding DA Jana Duty Resign


Business leader Jim Schwertner just put out a press release regarding a Press Conference that is being held at 10am tomorrow morning on the Courthouse steps in Georgetown. According to the press release, Mr. Schwertner, several elected officials, business leaders and concerned citizens will attend.  They are demanding the immediate resignation of Williamson County District Attorney Jana Duty.

Duty was sanctioned by the State Bar of Texas for the second time yesterday. Her law license was suspended for 18 months. The suspension was fully probated and the State Bar has placed Duty on 18 months probation. Over the past year, Duty has been found to have intentionally withheld evidence in a capital murder case, admitted to lying under oath, found guilty of violating a court order, arrested and jailed for contempt of court and rarely shows up to work. Several media outlets have attempted to contact Duty but she refuses to take their calls.

Duty is not only dodging media calls, according to sources at the courthouse, is only showing up to work “maybe once a week” since last November.

Duty agreed to a plea deal with the State Bar of Texas who concluded that the following Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct have been violated by Duty. Duty acknowledged and agreed she violated these rules and was sanctioned for Professional Misconduct: 4.01 (a), 3.04(d), 8.02(a), 8.04(a)(3).

  • Disciplinary Rule 4.01 (a) Truthfulness in Statements to Others
  • Disciplinary Rule 3.04 (d) Violating Court Order
  • Disciplinary Rule 8.04 (a)(3) Dishonesty, Deceit, Misrepresentation
  • Disciplinary Rule 8.02 (a). Judicial and Legal Officials (a) A lawyer shall not make a statement that the lawyer knows to be false or with reckless disregard as to its truth or falsity concerning the qualifications or integrity of a judge, adjudicatory official or public legal officer, or of a candidate for election or appointment to judicial or legal office.

Below is a press release from Jim Schwertner.




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7 Responses to Business Leader To Hold Press Conference Demanding DA Jana Duty Resign

  1. sl says:

    she should resign immediately. she is a bonafide self admitted liar. plus she is not earning her paycheck that i pay with my taxes. the woman has no pride. she wont go anywhere unless she is forced out.

  2. LOL says:

    I saw where she makes over 150k a year and never shows up. I need a gig like that.

  3. Mike says:

    How can she take any cases to court now that she’s an established liar? She must plan on riding out the last 6 months at home.

  4. Jason Wirth says:

    She needs to go> How unethical is that to be stealing from the taxpayers? She needs to resign and resign today. How do we file a class action lawsuit against her as taxpayers? Anyone got a good lawyer?

  5. Google Maps says:

    The press release has the wrong address for the courthouse. 412 Vance Street is the address for the tax office in Taylor. The courthouse address is 710 S. Main Street.

  6. Why does she still have a law license? If a criminal defense lawyer did half the things she did she would be disbarred for life (unless she was a big time celebrity lawyer).

  7. SadButTrue says:

    Taking the taxpayer’s money for personal gain is standard operating procedure it seems in that county. Her new First Assistant, Brent Webster, did the same thing and campaigned many days while getting paid for it by the taxpayers. If she’s forced to resign and he takes over, the DA’s over won’t be any better off!

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