Breaking Now: Forum Questions Compromised?

We have been forwarded several emails regarding a forum between the County Judge candidates that will take place in a few weeks.

The email is requesting questions that are to be asked of the candidates be submitted to Lisa Birkman. Several have expressed grave concern given Birkman’s public support of Frank Leffingwell for County Judge.

One person emailed” “How can this be a fair process when Lisa Birkman has given at least $1,500.00 to Leffingwell, is block walking for him and posts on her Twitter her support and is openly against Bill Gravell. She is not supposed to be openly supporting anyone in her position and now wants the questions in advance?”

Another stated: “The fix is in. They want me to send questions to Lisa Birkman so she can hand them over to Frank? No thanks.”

One stated: “In order to maintain the integrity of this forum and not give any appearance of impropriety, Ms. Birkman should consider removing herself from the process.”

And finally, one emailed: I have no problem submitting my question to Lisa. ‘Why did Frank Leffingwell call the Sheriff and DA a crony?’ I’m sure that won’t make the cut.”

We will follow up on this important development soon.


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4 Responses to Breaking Now: Forum Questions Compromised?

  1. Jason Wirth says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here,but with her track record of asking questions and costing the taxpayers 7 figures in legal fees for asking unconstitutional questions Birkman would be the last person I would want handling any questions for a public forum. Secondly, I’d love to hear Frank have to give a public answer to the “crony” line of questioning.

  2. Barbara Szendrey says:

    She shouldn’t even be given the time of day!

  3. Tom says:

    I would like to attend a forum to hear from the candidates for County Judge (or any of the local candidates for that matter). Can you post the where/when details?

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