Bombshell Lands On Wilco Republican Party: Part One

Last week, the reality of Williamson County turning solid purple in Pct’s 1 and 2 was highlighted. Now, a new bombshell has landed on the Williamson County Republican Party. Yesterday one candidate for Hutto City Council, Kris Andrews, publicly stated his affection for communism, socialism and other “progressive” philosophies. For him, that is his personal right to subscribe to whatever political beliefs he wishes and for the voters of Hutto to decide if they agree. For the Republican Party in Williamson County, buckle up.

Andrews replied to a few questions asked by Hutto and Williamson County residents. One of his replies has left many stunned. Andrews stated a member of the Wilco Republican Party, Michael Smith, “has advised me on my campaign and will continue to do so”. Smith also serves as the Treasurer for the Williamson County Young Republicans club. It’s worth noting, the club’s constitution states:

“The purpose of the Club shall be to support the principles and objectives of the Republican Party; to work for the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates; to develop Republican Party leaders both within the Party structure and as candidates for public office; and to educate, activate, and empower Young Republicans throughout central Texas.”

Michael Smith was evicted from office in March 2017 for violating the Hutto City Charter. He remained on the May 6th ballot and was devastated by 55 points (76.01-23.99). Now, Smith has turned to “advising” a candidate who subscribes to ideologies completely opposite of the Republican Party he “represents” and the “constitution” of the club in which he is an officer .

Andrews also stated he votes for both Democrats and Republicans but we could only find one primary election in which he voted since moving to Hutto from California (the San Francisco Bay area) in 2011. Andrews voted in the Democrat 2016 Primary.

Below is a screenshot provided to us that was posted in several facebook neighborhood groups.

One Wilco Republican Party member stated: “The Republican Party in Williamson County is losing ground and now this? Michael’s actions as an executive member of the Williamson County Young Republicans are a direct reflection on our Party. He has had some very problematical issues in the past that were ‘overlooked’ by a couple of local elected officials and one candidate for office in Pct. 4 who still maintain their support; but this is inexcusable. He should resign his position in the Young Republican’s Club and move on.”

At a time when the Williamson County Republican Party searches for leadership and direction, this latest shock-wave will no doubt only amplify that call.


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3 Responses to Bombshell Lands On Wilco Republican Party: Part One

  1. Jason Vaughn says:

    Your problem is Michael has advised someone that’s not a Republican? I run Pro-Life Texas and consider Michael a friend. Im probably one of the most far right liberty Freedom Caucus Republicans out there and still have friends and allies across the board. If you’re worried about “losing ground” perhaps wisdom would dictate not attacking other Republicans for non-policy issues and maybe working with others might just might give them an opportunity to speak into their lives instead of screaming from the woods across the street.

    • Not A RINO says:

      Looks like the issue raised in this article isn’t about Smith not supporting a Republican but him trying to get a communist in to office. And you call that “non-policy”? “The purpose of the Club shall be to support the principles and objectives of the Republican Party; to work for the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates.”

      You are as delusional as Smith. No wonder our party is in trouble.

  2. Daryl says:

    And which other economic system better allows individuals to grow and keep personal wealth?

    Communism? Socialism?

    Those actually allow the ruling elite to seize and grow your wealth.

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