The $382,171.75 Taxpayer Funded Custom Home

The Williamson County River Ranch County Park will soon have a new addition thanks to a 3-1 vote of County Commissioners on Tuesday.

A 2 minute discussion in Commissioners Court was initiated on item #28 Tuesday regarding the build of a $382,171.75 custom home with your tax dollars. Why is this important? The home is being built on the park for a county employee to live in rent free.

The excuse for the build was having an employee be “onsite” to watch over the park. Many of our MUD’s contract with the Sheriff’s Department for added patrols so why not utilize them and save money? A park employee, even if they observed criminal activity, could do nothing but call 911 and have the Sheriff’s deputies respond.

The most disturbing part of the interaction was describing the build as not being “elaborate”. $382,171.75, for a custom home ranks as “elaborate” to most who are paying for a home with their own funds and not tax dollars.

While the vast majority of Williamson County residents struggle to put gas in their car or make their mortgage payment for their own modest home, we are now taxed with this boondoggle. And we wonder why Williamson County is 1.3 billion in debt.


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5 Responses to The $382,171.75 Taxpayer Funded Custom Home

  1. Fran M. says:

    This is outrageous! What is wrong with the county employee having an office at the park and living in his own home when he is not working? The office could be staffed 24 hours each day. Maybe I should apply for the job. The home looks pretty nice. Maybe these county commissioners should look for another job as they don’t have a problem spending our hard earned money foolishly.

  2. Linda Calvisi says:

    They say “nothing fancy” and yet it costs $180.00 a sq. ft. I built a larger custom home and price per sq. ft. what not anywhere near $180.00. Outrageous!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really??? i see so many times how the different offices of government work and thiuer is clearly a difference in the people that pass crap like this and the tax payers that have to pay for it. WTF, total BS. Sad Sad Sad…

  4. Tarkan Roberts says:

    This is a Ridiculously Absurd waste of tax payers dollars!!! We already have a school district (Leander ISD) that can’t keep there hands out of our pockets and their spending in check and now this!!! Unf$&ckin believable!!!

  5. Scouts Out says:

    Follow the money….Who got the contract? Who are they giving money to?

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