2018 Wilco Republican Primaries Taking Shape

One of our former contributors used to call March primaries the “silly season”. It looks like that may be exactly what 2018 is shaping up to be; several races that could have lots of fireworks.

First in Pct. 3 you have Deanna Lewis, a very popular conservative Republican who has announced she will be running for the JP 3 seat if Judge Bill Gravell runs for County Judge. Her opponent, a far left liberal Democrat and social justice warrior by the name of Katherine Kerr Kubatzky.

Moving to Pct. 4, you have a commercial land broker from Round Rock, Russ Boles, Round Rock resident Bobby Seiferman, and the only non-Round Rock resident and political establishment outsider, Heather Peal.

Then you have the State Rep race for District 52. That race features Jermey Story and the outgoing Rep. Larry Gonzales backed candidate, Round Rock resident Cynthia Flores. This one should be a bashing free-for-all before it’s over.

And just this morning, now you have another Round Rock politician who has just this morning decided to jump in to the County Judge race. No other candidates have “officially” announced even though Judge Bill Gravell has said he is “strongly considering” a run, hamstrung by the resign to run rule. If the name ‘Leffingwell’ rings a bell, he is the son of former City of Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, a liberal Democrat environmentalist. Frank is currently on the Round Rock City Council.¬†Leffingwell’s press release states in part: “We need more business leaders and fewer insiders, bureaucrats, and career politicians in our governmental institutions”,¬†deflecting away that he is also a politician tied in with the establishment insiders.

Another countywide position of interest is recently appointed Treasurer Scott Heselmeyer. As of now he does not have an opponent, but rumors are swirling about a potential candidate who is considering a run.

Then you have Pct. 2 Commissioner Cynthia Long, infamous for being found guilty of violating a man’s constitutional rights, costing taxpayers over a million dollars to defend. She had intentions of running for County Judge but those dreams were quickly thwarted, and now, according to sources, plans on running for reelection as Pct. 2 Commissioner.

County Court at Law 1 race is shaping up with Brandy Hallford, a long time and well known attorney against a virtually unknown candidate, Joe Marcee. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s possibly because he has been an attorney for less than 10 years and now wants to be a Judge. If his name does ring a bell, that’s probably because one client he defended in his short career was Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, terrorist and ISIS member.

Let the “silly season” and the fun begin. And again, if you don’t like what you see here because your chosen candidate gets the hammer dropped on them with fact based information, tough. Click the X at the top right.


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  1. CM says:

    Looks like Round Rock wants to take over Wilco. No thanks.

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