#FakeNewsFrank Strikes Again

On December 1, 2017 Frank Leffingwell issued a press release headlining “Leffingwell Campaign Hits Its Stride Ahead of Gravell Announcement”.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 1, 2017 ROUND ROCK, TX – After just under two months of campaigning for Williamson County Judge, Republican attorney and businessman Frank Leffingwell announced today that he has surpassed the $100,000 mark in total fundraising.

Campaign finance reports just released reveal a much different story.

Based on his campaign finance report, Leffingwell raised a little over 69k during that “two month period”, nowhere near surpassing “the $100,000 mark in total fundraising” as he claims he had done on December 1.

Of the “total fundraising” Leffingwell raised in “just under two months”, $11,313.25 of that total was actually funds transferred from city council campaign coffers he raised years earlier. The funds in his city council campaign account, which have been sitting stagnant since 2015/2016, were transferred to his county judge campaign account as a “political donation” on October 2, the same day he filed for County Judge.

Given Leffingwell was over 30k shy of the 100k mark he said he surpassed on December 1, this has left many asking why would he not be truthful in his December 1 press release, grossly inflating the actual amount raised.

Now, questions are being raised about Leffingwell’s denial that he used disparaging names toward those who support his opponent, Bill Gravell. Sources tell us a prominent Republican confronted Leffingwell this past week asking him how he could expect to work with other elected officials (if he were elected) after calling them disparaging names such as “crony”. Leffingwell reportedly responded, “I never said that”.

On December 13th, Leffingwell issued a press release stating Bill Gravell was nothing more than a “youth pastor-turned-professional-politician and a showman”. In the same press release, Leffingwell also attacked Gravell’s supporters calling them “court house cronies” saying the “stakes are too high to let them succeed”.

Another prominent Republican stated, “This guy lies about his opponent, his campaign finance and even about calling people names. What else is he not being truthful about? If he can’t be truthful as a candidate, how can he be trusted as our County Judge? It is beyond me how anyone in our party can support this guy. He not only disparages other Republicans, he can’t tell the truth.”

Many are asking why Leffingwell would blatantly lie about calling others disparaging names in his December 13th press release and fund raising totals in his December 1 press release given this could be so easily disproven by his own words. We will leave that for Mr. Leffingwell to explain.

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One Response to #FakeNewsFrank Strikes Again

  1. JOHN CONGDON says:

    It seems to me that Mr. Leffingwell is either a RINO or more likely a DemocRAT trying to pretend he is a RepublICAN. Let’s see how he does in the Debate on February 1st at the Republican Club dinner meeting in Sun City at 7:00 PM.
    John C.

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