Webster’s Woes: Former DA First Assistant Brent Webster Under Fire

Brent Webster

Former Williamson County DA First Assistant Brent Webster was in the hot seat yesterday in a Williamson County District Courtroom. According to testimony, Webster dropped the ball on 63 Asset Forfeiture cases that could ultimately land hundreds of thousands of dollars in seized assets back in the hands of criminals.

According to KXAN: “Judge Donna King found due diligence was not exercised in the case by the Williamson Co. District Attorney’s Office under the previous administration and ordered the return of $1,545 to criminal defendant Justin Cord Dabney.” That was just one of 63 other cases that was not resolved by Webster.

According to sources inside of the courtroom, Webster blamed everyone from Jana Duty to low level employees and several others in-between including law enforcement. KXAN reported one employee took exception to the finger pointing by Webster stating: “Brent had made a statement that he was not going to bring in money for Shawn Dick,” implying Webster’s failure to pursue asset forfeiture cases may have been intentional.”

Attorney Jennifer Earls grilled Webster while he was on the stand. Oddly, Webster brought his own defense attorney with him. However, Webster’s attorney was told he could not be involved in the proceeding. When Webster was questioned about his attendance at work (or lack thereof) while out campaigning in his disastrous run for Court of Appeals in 2016, Webster blamed former office administrator Vicki Vickers for his time sheets not being correct. According to sources, employees of the office, not Ms. Vickers are responsible for their time sheets.

We will be issuing an open records request for Webster’s time sheets and compare them to his facebook posts showing when he was out of the office on dozens of occasions during his campaign and overseas trips.

Current DA Shawn Dick, who inherited a mess at the DA’s Office stated, “What we realized was it was a much bigger problem than just that one case. We’re talking about dozens of cases. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars that are going to end up being returned to criminals because of the negligence or the conscious indifference of the previous administration, specifically the lawyer responsible for handling those which was Brent Webster”.

According to several sources, Webster has stated he is planning on running again for the Court of Appeals in 2018. However, this latest revelation along with other “issues” that will ultimately surface about Webster may put a damper on his plans, especially if the State Bar of Texas launches an investigation into this latest debacle.

We will keep you updated on this issue as it progresses.


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3 Responses to Webster’s Woes: Former DA First Assistant Brent Webster Under Fire

  1. Anne Marshall says:

    Sounds like Mr. Webster is either drinking or smoking the same stuff his former boss was consuming! He should be sanctioned not only by the State Bar of Texas but he should also serve some time in the clink for deliberate dereliction of duty! How could he possibly fill a judicial office when he seriously broke the law and put Williamson County in the mess that it is in. Shame on him!

    • GeezLueez says:

      Yes but if you ever heard him speak while he was campaigning you’d have thought he was a saint – HE certainly thinks so! He’s a prolific liar and a pure politician….

  2. GameOfThrones says:

    Yeah the dates don’t match up…and while your sending an open records request ask if he was driving a county car to all of his campaign appearances….along with if he was fired from the DA’s office!

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